preVISIBLE is a development tool which tests the management systems and policies and procedures that an organisation has in place, via a series of online questions and requests to attach specific pieces of supporting evidence.  The preVISIBLE review is packed with advice and guidance, and looks at whether an organisation is fit for purpose and legally compliant.

The preVISIBLE review is for:

  • Democratically organised community groups of any size.
  • Community Associations, Charitable Trusts, Incorporated Charities, and Community Interest Companies.
  • Groups looking to develop/review their governance and management arrangements to ensure they are up to date, legally compliant, and adhere to best practice.
  • Groups looking to secure funding, apply for grants, or negotiate other forms of support where it is important to demonstrate that the group is fit for purpose.
  • Groups embarking on a period of growth or development (for instance asset transfer) who wish to ensure they are in the best possible shape for the challenges ahead.

The preVISIBLE review can be the first step towards full VISIBLE accreditation.